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Based in the Denver area, we can provide services regionally to assist with our clients needs. Click on the links below to find out more about our suite of services:

CloudBreak prides ourselves on over 15 years of performing management consulting, environmental services, and practicing in audit services through a wide range of clients.  Unlike our competition, we staff our engagements with professionals that have a hands-on approach and the knowledge to make a positive impact with our clients. Our professionals hold many certifications, masters degrees, and have held lead roles throughout their careers.  CloudBreak's experience allows our clients to realize unmatched benefits in all aspects of our engagements.

Our Approach

Business Clients:  Our Denver based services can be customized to your needs and is focused on delivering a comprehensive solution.  We leverage our proprietary tools and processes but ensure that our client's receive results that are designed to make an impact.  We  truly view each job, large or small, as an opportunity to be part of your team and to serve as a trusted partner.  

Consumer Services:  We also offer a suite of services for individual consumers under our environmental services branch (i.e. radon testing, healthy home advisory, food safety consultant, etc.). Our approach for all clients is that we want to be a trusted resource for your concerns and partner with you on how to best resolve these issues.  In fact, we have gained the trust from consumer clients that have grown to be business partners.

Why Us?

CloudBreak partners with our clients, to tackle problems together, and to educate one another through all of our services.  Our company is based on mutual respect and trust, realizing that through sharing ideas we grow together.  This holds true with both business and consumer clients. We strive to give each of you the time and guidance you deserve.  Whether you’re seeking a strategic alliance with the right partner, a special skill set or tool, or to verify your home's safety, we are here as your trusted partner.


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