Internal Audit Advisory

Balanced Solutions

Our clients are provided with professionals that have held significant operational leadership positions and have extensive experience in the internal audit profession.  Our process ensures that audit preserves independence, professional skepticism, and due care while providing results under a unique perspective that balances business and audit needs.

Suite of Services

Development: Navigating the path to developing the internal audit function may seem overwhelming. CloudBreak has successfully built the foundation for large and small clients, tailoring the internal audit function to the client's needs. Development typically consists of a risk assessment, audit plan, and internal audit implementation recommendations.

Performance: Our clients rely on us to provide audit services on an outsourced or co-sourced basis. We bring value to our clients leveraging nearly 15 years of audit experience and truly viewing ourselves as business partners for the success of the organization.  The core of the internal audit performance is turnkey with customization to our clients' operations.

Enhancement:  Bringing an outsider's view to existing internal audit departments allows our clients to strengthen the function and more effectively leverage the department. Our clients have enhanced their audit approach and are realizing the true benefits of internal audit in improving operations.   

Remediation Assistance:  Our clients have relied on us to assist them when they have struggled with developing and implementing remediation plans that not only mitigate risks but also meet the needs of the business. We have been able to streamline this process and assist in implementation efforts to reduce exposure.

Your Benefits

CloudBreak Advisory has the experience, maintains independence, and leverages our knowledge to provide solutions that many are not able to replicate. Our advisory professionals come to the table ready to make a difference and provide extraordinary value.